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Western Policy, Post-Crimea
What can the U.S. and Europe do to deter more of the same from Putin?

April 7, 2014  •  National Review Online

By all accounts, Vladimir Putin appears to be winning. Over the past month, Russia's wily president has managed to orchestrate the asymmetric invasion of a neighboring state (Ukraine) and annex a new territory into the Russian Federation (Crimea). In the process, he has presented the first serious challenge to the post–Cold War political order in Europe since the collapse of the Soviet Union more than two decades ago. The real question now, say defense analysts such as Pavel Baev of the Peace Research Institute in Oslo, is whether the Kremlin has the "guns" and the "guts" to keep pursuing his neo-imperial ambitions.

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Russia Pivots Toward Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua

March 27, 2014  •  Washington Times

With all eyes on Ukraine, where Russia's neo-imperial efforts have raised the specter of a new Cold War between Moscow and the West, another alarming facet of the Kremlin's contemporary foreign policy has gone largely unnoticed; namely, its growing military presence in, and strategic designs on, the Western Hemisphere.

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Some Silver Lining In The Ukraine Crisis
Russia's provocation should lay to rest terrible ideas about American defense policy.

March 25, 2014  •  U.S. News & World Report

Are we on the cusp of a new Cold War? The events of the past month have put the final nail in the coffin of the ill-fated "reset" with Russia that preoccupied much of the Obama administration's foreign policy agenda during its first years in office. Relations between Moscow and Washington are now at their lowest ebb in more than two decades thanks to Russian President Vladimir Putin's neo-imperial efforts to subvert neighboring Ukraine. Washington and European capitals are still struggling to formulate a coherent response to the Kremlin's aggression, but it's already clear that the U.S. and Russia are drifting back into the old adversarial roles that defined the international system for much of the past century. If there is a silver lining to the current crisis, however, it's that it has effectively debunked a number of wrong-headed ideas about American defense policy that had proliferated in recent years within the Washington Beltway.

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Putin's Costly Ukraine Policy

March 18, 2014  •  The Moscow Times

There's no question that the Kremlin's policy toward Ukraine is paying concrete dividends, at least in Russia. On March 7, tens of thousands of people rallied in Moscow's Red Square to support the Kremlin's expanding control over Crimea and formally incorporating the peninsula into the Russian Federation. Russian officials have taken up the call. In her recent meeting with the chairman of Crimea's parliament, Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko pledged that "if the decision is made, then Crimea will become an absolutely equal subject of the Russian Federation." But what is less well understood is how much Russia's policy on Ukraine will end up costing the country and its people.

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Getting Russia Wrong On Ukraine

March 14, 2014  •

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Russia's two-week-old invasion of Ukraine is that it surprised so many people. On the eve of Moscow's incursion into the Crimean Peninsula, the U.S. intelligence community apparently concluded that Putin's military mobilization was nothing more than a bluff. So did CNN's esteemed foreign policy czar, Fareed Zakaria, who judged the possibility of a Russian invasion to be exceedingly unlikely, despite convincing signs to the contrary. In truth, however, the writing had been on the wall for quite some time.

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