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Why US-Turkish Ties Won't Get Better

May 24, 2019  •  The Hill

"Every year, we hear that this is the worst year ever for U.S.-Turkish relations," a prominent Turkish academic wryly remarked to me last month during my visit to the country. "This year, they might be right." He may have a point. The relationship between the United States and Turkey, which has deteriorated precipitously in recent years over an array of strategic and political disagreements, is poised to become significantly worse in the days ahead.

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Why Turkey's Erdogan Is Worried

May 22, 2019  •  Al-Hurra Digital

Since 2002, the Justice & Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi, or AKP) has decisively dominated national politics in Turkey. Over the past decade-and-a-half, under the direction of its leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the AKP has succeeded in consolidating sweeping control over the country's core institutions through a series of domestic machinations and deft political maneuvers. In the process, Erdogan himself has emerged as the undisputed head of an increasingly authoritarian, vertically integrated regime. All of that, however, could soon change – or so Turkish officials now fear.

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'Shadow Strike' – Insights Into Israel's Decision To Strike Syria

May 8, 2019  •  Jerusalem Post

Israel's 2007 decision to destroy the nuclear reactor the Syrian regime was clandestinely building at al-Kibar, was, at the time, a deeply controversial one. But, as it turned out, Israel's decision to unilaterally strike Syria ended up being nothing short of prescient. Just a few years later, huge swaths of Syrian territory – including the particular patch of land that had once housed the Assad regime's embryonic nuclear effort – had fallen under the sway of the Islamic State terrorist group. Had Syria been allowed to forge ahead with its nuclear work, we could well have seen the world's most dangerous extremists get their hands on the world's most dangerous weapons.

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Iran's War On Christianity

May 7, 2019  •  The Washington Times

Iran's radical regime is stepping up its efforts to prevent the spread of Christianity within its borders. Earlier this month, the Islamic Republic's Minister of Intelligence Mahmoud Alavi disclosed publicly that his agency had deployed operatives and assets to counter "advocates of Christianity" active throughout the country. The ministry is also increasing its efforts to intimidate prospective converts, and has "summoned" individuals who have expressed an interest in learning more about the Christian faith for invasive interviews and intimidating interrogations.

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The Real Iran Threat To The Strait of Hormuz (Causing Oil Prices To Skyrocket)

April 30, 2019  •  The National Interest

Late last month, the Trump administration kicked its "maximum pressure" campaign against Iran into high gear when it announced that it would no longer provide waivers to countries like China, India and Japan to continue buying Iranian oil without facing sanctions. These countries and their respective companies now face the prospect of being excluded from the American market if they don't immediately stop buying Iranian crude. The push is part of the White House's effort "to bring Iran's oil exports to zero" as a way of ratcheting up economic pressure on Iran's ayatollahs, National Security Adviser John Bolton has explained. Iran, meanwhile, has responded to the Trump administration's recent decision by reviving an old threat.

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