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Israel's Dangerous Dalliance With China

January 14, 2019  •  Wall Street Journal

National security adviser John Bolton traveled to Israel this month to reassure jittery officials in Jerusalem that the Trump administration isn't planning a precipitous exit from Syria, notwithstanding the president's surprise December announcement to the contrary. But Mr. Bolton's most important message might have had nothing to do with America's commitment to fighting Islamic State or its efforts to roll back Iran's strategic influence in Syria and Iraq. The Trump administration, Mr. Bolton told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is concerned about the commercial relationship between Israel and China—and the strategic vulnerabilities those ties have created.

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Trump's Latest Moves Make Officials Jumpy In Jerusalem

January 6, 2019  •  The Hill

For Israel, a few weeks can make a world of difference. As recently as this past Fall, officials in Jerusalem were waxing optimistic over the new, more favorable regional environment confronting the Jewish state, and about America's reinvigorated approach to the Mideast under President Trump. But now, the Administration's unexpected December decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria has left Israeli policymakers on edge, and for good reason.

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A Year Into Iran's Quiet Counterrevolution

December 19, 2018  •  Al-Hurra Digital

Last December, grassroots protests erupted throughout Iran. Ordinary Iranians, discontented with worsening domestic conditions and their government's misplaced political priorities, held rallies and demonstrations that transformed over time into a profound challenge to the legitimacy of the country's clerical regime. A year on, the Iranian "street" is still in ferment – although you don't hear much about it in the news. Protests by Iranian workers, activists and students continue to take place throughout the country, despite the very real threat of a draconian regime response (from incarceration to death at the hands of government security forces). The reasons are not hard to discern. On virtually every economic metric, the Islamic Republic is continuing to inch up the misery index.

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The Persistence Of The Islamic State

December 18, 2018  •  The Washington Times

On Dec. 10, Iraq celebrated the one-year anniversary of its hard-fought victory against the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS). The government-organized festivities took the form of a national holiday and the observance of a moment of silence for the victims of the three-year struggle between Baghdad and the Islamist group, which claimed tens of thousands of lives and displaced hundreds of thousands of others. Speaking to national military leaders, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said the occasion commemorated a "proud day for all of us when our brave country defeated the enemies of life, dignity, freedom and peace." But has ISIS truly been defeated? More and more signs suggest that the answer is "no."

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How The United States And Europe Can Punish Russia For Ukraine Ship Attack

November 30, 2018  •  USA Today

Last weekend's maritime dust-up between Russia and Ukraine — in which the Russian navy fired on Ukrainian ships in the Sea of Azov — caught Western capitals by surprise. Predictably, the skirmish has elicited condemnations from a host of nations worried about the possibility of further escalation in the four-and-a-half-year-old conflict between Moscow and Kiev. But a resolute Western response to Russia's renewed aggression has been far slower to materialize. This, however, hasn't been because of a lack of policy options. To the contrary, U.S. and European policymakers currently have a broad range of ways by which they can ratchet up the costs to Russia for the recent hostilities.

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